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Flores Y Frutas, Seasonal Blend

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Flores Y Frutas, translated as 'Flowers and Fruits'—is a recent blend of two coffees from one country. Ethiopia is a coffee-producing powerhouse with no need to blend. Still, a beautiful aroma of refreshing fruits and fresh flowers came out of curiosity that we couldn't keep to ourselves. Flores Y Frutas, brewed to enjoy on its own, tastes exactly like its name; however, if brewed with the combination of steamed milk in a classic cappuccino, it hits differently in a lovely way. The blend currently consists of Basha Bekele Natural and Hamasho. The brewed cup has a refreshing honeydew melon sweetness, a floral note of lavender, and a sparkling acidity relatable to a green apple.

More Information about Flores y Frutas:
Coffee Varieties, 74158 & 74110
Process, Natural & Washed
Blend Type, Post
Roast Level, Light
Harvest, January 2023
Arrival At Roastery, November 2023

Our team updated the coffee information mentioned above on January 26, 2024.

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The region describes where the beans were planted, grown, and harvested.


The varietal refers to the type of coffee plant that produced the bean.



MASL is short for "Meters Above Sea Level". Altitude plays a big role in shaping the flavor of the beans.