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Jitterz Coffee Roasters

Kenya, Mukarimu, Charles Mutwiri

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Mukarimu is a juicy, deep, crystal-clear coffee from Meru County in Kenya. Mukarimu has a lively and refreshing acidity with a ton of sweetness that lingers for the good of the soul. Coffee from Kenya is special in our hearts; when it delivers, you know. We find black currant, hibiscus, and apricot in the cup. It is a refreshing and deep-tasting coffee!

More Information about Mukarimu AA:

Coffee Varieties, SL28/SL34/Batian/Ruiru11

Process, Fully Washed

Harvest, September 2023

Arrival To States, June 2024

Arrival At Roastery, April 2024

Roast Insight:

Level, Light

Weight Loss, 10.6%

Color, 34 *Espresso Vision

Color, 120 *Agtron Gourmet Conversion

Projected to be out of stock in July.

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75/210, 74/212


Ginbo, Keffa, Ethiopia


Ginbo, Keffa, Ethiopia

The region describes where the beans were planted, grown, and harvested.


75/210, 74/212

The varietal refers to the type of coffee plant that produced the bean.


1850-1950 MASL MASL

MASL is short for "Meters Above Sea Level". Altitude plays a big role in shaping the flavor of the beans.