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Jitterz Coffee Roasters

Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Milller Bustos

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This pink bourbon varietal is a micro-lot in Southern Huila, Colombia, and delivers in the brewed cup. In the cup, we find fruit from beginning to end, a pralines and cream sweetness, and fresh strawberry. It's a gem.

More Information about Miller Bustos:

Coffee Variety, Pink Bourbon

Process, Washed

Harvest, November 2023

Arrival To States, February 2024

Arrival At Roastery, April 2024

Roast Insight:

Level, Light

Weight Loss, 10.78%

Color, 34/35 *Espresso Vision

Color, 120 *Agtron Gourmet Conversion

Projected to be out of stock in August.

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SL 28, SL 34


Gichugu, Kirinyaga


Gichugu, Kirinyaga

The region describes where the beans were planted, grown, and harvested.


SL 28, SL 34

The varietal refers to the type of coffee plant that produced the bean.


1615.44 M MASL

MASL is short for "Meters Above Sea Level". Altitude plays a big role in shaping the flavor of the beans.