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Jitterz Coffee Roasters

Colombia, Geisha, Julio Calderon

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‘CAL,’ as classified by our friends and partners in Colombia, La Real Expidición Botánica, is a mind-blowing coffee. This micro-lot is the best geisha variety across our cupping table. We can’t thank our friend, Daniel, enough for putting this coffee before us to try! The Geisha varietal is known for its delicacy of flavor in the brewed cup, yet with a sparkle and pop of florals and fruit characteristics. The Calderon family and village produced nothing short of that, and if anything, exceeded that expectation of ‘Geisha.’ Julio, from our city to yours, gracias amigo! In the cup, we have come to experience a guava flower fragrance that transfers so well into the brewed cup—a sweetness reminiscent of orange marmalade and a fruit cocktail juiciness that is undeniable.

More Information about Julio Calderon:

Coffee Variety, Geisha

Process, Fully Washed

Harvest, January 2023

Arrival To States, June 2023

Arrival At Roastery, November 2023

Roast Insight:

Level, Light

Weight Loss, 10.2%

Color, 31 *Espresso Vision

Color, 111 *Agtron Gourmet Conversion

Projected to be out of stock in August.

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The region describes where the beans were planted, grown, and harvested.



The varietal refers to the type of coffee plant that produced the bean.



MASL is short for "Meters Above Sea Level". Altitude plays a big role in shaping the flavor of the beans.